Saturday, June 13, 2009

Naresh Kadyan used Right to Information Act, 2005:-
Required fee is being sent to all concerned by post as per provisions:

Kind Attention:-

1. The Secretary to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Govt. of India).
2. The Financial Commissioner's / Principal Secretaries / Director General of Health Services to all State's and Union Territories in India.

Sir / Madam,

No doubt our country have strong supply and distribution network along with the effective legislation and democracy but some anti social elements twisted this system for their hidden interest due to corrupt practice, every citizen have freedom of speech, fundamental rights along with their duties as defined in our Constitution.
Adulteration in food, milk and vegetables are controlled by the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act and Rules but our system became noneffective as some food articles , grains, cereals, air, water and vegetables became polluted, consumers health / lives in dangers due to harmful chemicals, drugs, pesticides found in their food items, hence under the authority of the RTI Act, 2005 please supply me the following information:-

1. Are you satisfied with the present legislation to control the adulteration in food, grains, milk and vegetables, if yes then how - if no then why?
2. Is there any proposals to review and amend the PFA Act and Rules for decentralization of power and authority to collect samples, seize, testing along with the punishments ?
3. Is there any time limit for testing the samples and how many laboratories have complete system to detect each and every adulteration in all kinds of food articles, oxytocin injections contents in milk even? Please give us their addresses, facilities and equipments available with them.
4.How many samples collected, by whom, articles seized, testing report period, testing results along with type of adulteration, particulars of all accused with their addresses, present status of pending / decided court cases from April 2000 on wards till date ?
5. How many accused convicted / acquitted since April 2000 on wards till date and how many accused went in appeal ?
6. Action taken report of complaint No. 256 and 260 lodged with the Directorate of the Prevention of Food Adulteration, Delhi
by the undersigned.

Naresh Kadyan,
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